Out of respect for the confidentiality of our clients, the comments below are anonymous:

“My husband and I went to see Alyce Ross when we were going through a rough patch in our marriage.  Ms. Ross gave us a safe place to express our thoughts, concerns, and gripes. She taught us to look at the positives in each other and in a calm and caring demeanor helped us incorporate different techniques into our relationship. We are appreciative of the experience as it truly helped our marriage and showed us different steps we can use in the future when a problem arises.” – L.R.

”My sessions with Alyce are so refreshing. Her approach is different from any other therapy I have tried. Rather than just “talk-therapy”, she uses a number of tools to help with anxiety and panic. The very first visit, Alyce showed me a technique to use when I was feeling anxious which worked amazingly for me. Each week she continued to introduce various tools -which I then could use outside of therapy whenever panic or anxiety came up. After just a few weeks of sessions, I was already facing things I had always avoided in the past. Because I had tools to use and knew they were working for me – I felt successful and confidant for the first time in my entire life.”

“After several sessions, Alyce introduced me to EMDR. I can’t say enough about EMDR. It helped me pinpoint unresolved issues that were causing my anxiety and then completely removed the negative emotion surrounding them. After just 3 months of therapy with Alyce, I am now able to face the world in a completely different way than ever before. I used to be scared to attend meetings, scared to be a part of social activities, unable to eat new foods or take medication without having panic attacks. All of these issues are resolved. I now know that even if something feels uncomfortable or impossible –all I have to do is slow down, break the situation into small pieces, and use the tools Alyce has taught me. When I do this – everything seems possible and not that big of a deal.” – T.L.

“When I was referred to Alyce, I was informed that she was the kind of mental health worker equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deal with crisis situations. Indeed, she helped me cope with personal issues that initially seemed intractable. Her calm demeanor, empathy, sound mental care, and respect for patients, were instrumental in my sustained recovery. Her relaxation and healing techniques that call for me to unearth past memories were both illuminating and uplifting. Her creativity, enthusiasm, and energy helped to make our encounters a very rewarding experience.” – C.H.

“I am so grateful that I found Alyce Ross for my counselor. For more than 16 years I have been struggling with depression and other related issues which kept me from leading a life without tears. I have seen numerous counselors during those years but never really noticed how much difference counseling can make if you have the right counselor. Ms. Ross has worked with me on problems I never thought I could get over. It is incredible to feel how these changes take place inside your mind, especially if you think you will carry these problems with you for the rest of your life, and you are giving up hope. If you are looking for a counselor, I would highly recommend Ms. Ross. She has years of experience and uses several methods of therapy which are helpful in treating a person suffering from a mental illness.” – M.S.

“When I started to see Alyce Ross, I had major anger control and anxiety issues. Right from the start I felt comfortable talking to Ms. Ross because of her gentle manner. I have been able to delve into issues that contributed 100% to my anger and anxiety. I know that without her help I would not have become a better person emotionally for myself or others.” – E.R.

“Alyce Ross takes a very holistic approach to therapy. She continuously educates herself on the most current energy techniques, such as tapping and holds. My childhood sexual abuse was severe, with multiple perpetrators. I’ve found a great deal of peace and balance from using what I have learned from her. She is a true healer.” – P.C.

“I’m a survivor of sexual abuse. I began to suffer from anxiety attacks and felt that my world was collapsing; I lost my faith in God, lost my sense of direction, and almost lost my relationship. My life and my spirit were shattered into thousands of pieces and I felt that if I picked one up, it would destroy me further. With patience, love, guidance, and understanding, Alyce Ross helped me put the pieces of my life together. I know that life is not easy; but I assure you that I am now equipped to face its challenges with the tools that were provided to me. Thank God that I found Alyce Ross. Yes, there are angels on earth!” –  R.M.